• Adam Hall
    Adam Hall Survey Team, Glenwood Springs

    Adam joined SGM’s Survey Team in 2018.

  • Alex Nees, MS
    Alex Nees, MS Senior Consultant, Grand Junction

    Alex joined SGM’s Environmental Services Team in 2018. He comes to SGM with a decade of experience in the private and public sectors.

  • Alexandra “Alex” Kordick, PE
    Alexandra “Alex” Kordick, PE Eningeer III, Glenwood Springs

    Alex rejoined SGM’s Wastewater Team in 2019. She brings experience in mining, environmental data analysis and environmental litigation.

  • Amanda Webb
    Amanda Webb Consultant, Durango

    Amanda joined SGM’s Water Resources Team in our Durango office in 2019. She is a graduate of Ft. Lewis college with a BA in Geology.

  • Amber Haymes, PE
    Amber Haymes, PE Electrical Engineer, Durango

    Amber joined SGM’s MEP Team as an Electrical Engineer located in our Durango office. She comes to us with ten years of experience.

  • Ashley Cline, PE
    Ashley Cline, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Ashley joined SGM in 2015. She serves the development team as a civil design engineer.

  • Austin O’Hagan
    Austin O’Hagan Survey Technician, Durango

    Austin is a seasoned survey technician, bringing over 20 years of land surveying experience to SGM.

  • Bailey Leppek, PE
    Bailey Leppek, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Bailey joined SGM’s Water Resources Team in 2016, and brings a passion for water and water modeling to her engineering projects.

  • Brian Brewbaker
    Brian Brewbaker Survey Party Chief, Meeker

    Brian joined SGM in 2017. He has over 13 years of diversified land surveying experience across Colorado, Wyoming, and Oregon, and is an FAA-licensed drone pilot.

  • Brian Carpenter, PE
    Brian Carpenter, PE MEP Team Lead, Glenwood Springs

    Brian joined SGM’s MEP Team in 2016 as a Mechanical Engineer. He has 17 years of experience in the HVAC and industrial business.

  • Bruce Gray
    Bruce Gray Construction Manager, Glenwood Springs

    In 2005 Bruce joined the field engineering team supporting them in CM, onsite inspections and project management.

  • Casey Hinkson, PE
    Casey Hinkson, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Casey joined SGM’s Wastewater Team in 2016. Casey graduated from the US Military Academy with a degree in Civil Engineering and most recently, received her MBA from Webster University.

  • Catherine Carella, PE
    Catherine Carella, PE Engineer, Durango

    Catherine joined SGM’s Civil Team in 2017. She supports the Durango office as a Design Engineer.

  • Chad George
    Chad George Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Chad joined SGM’s Structural Team in 2017, after graduating with a Master’s degree in structural engineering from Colorado School of Mines.  Chad interned for two summers at the Gunnison office.

  • Chad Hill, PE
    Chad Hill, PE Drinking Water Team Lead, Durango

    Chad joined SGM’s as the Drinking Water Team Lead in 2020. He comes to SGM with over 30 years of experience in business development and program/project management in water engineering and construction industries.

  • Chip Fisher
    Chip Fisher Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    With a dual degree in Chemical and Civil Engineering, Chip joined SGM’s Civil Services Sector.

  • Chris Stillwell, PE
    Chris Stillwell, PE Senior Engineer , Durango

    Chris has over 13 years of professional experience, specializing in water treatment process design and hydraulic analysis.

  • Christina Pearson
    Christina Pearson Engineer II, Glenwood Springs

    Christina joined SGM’s Drinking Water Team in 2019, with 10 years of experience. She is finishing up her Master Degree in Water Resource Planning and Management.

  • Courtney Groff
    Courtney Groff Survey Team, Meeker

    Courtney joined SGM’s Survey Team in 2018 and works as a Survey Technician out of our Meeker office. She comes to us with over eight years of experience in the field of geoarchaeology and cultural resource management. 

  • Dave Shepard
    Dave Shepard Construction Technician II, Glenwood Springs

    Dave has more than 20 years of construction management/construction inspection projects and is on the SGM’s Field Engineering Team in Glenwood Springs.

  • David Schiowitz, PG
    David Schiowitz, PG Environmental Geologist, GIS Analyst, Durango

    David holds a degree in geology, and is a registered Professional Geologist. He has 10 years of professional experience as an environmental scientist and GIS analyst.

  • Diana Rooney, PE
    Diana Rooney, PE Engineer, Grand Junction

    Diana joined SGM’s Civil Services Sector in 2017 with over 10 years of experience in the design, construction and management of complex urban and education projects.

  • Eric Englehart, PLS
    Eric Englehart, PLS Survey Team, Glenwood Springs

    Eric has been with SGM since 2013. He is knowledgeable of surveying techniques, tools, equipment and procedures.

  • Eric Krch, PE, CFM
    Eric Krch, PE, CFM Senior Engineer, Grand Junction

    Eric specializes in surface water hydrology, stream channel/bridge hydraulics, jurisdictional dam design and rehabilitation, water distribution system modeling and water supply and treatment. He joined SGM in 2017.


  • Eric Petterson, MS
    Eric Petterson, MS Senior Ecologist, Glenwood Springs

    Eric joined SGM’s Environmental Team in 2018. He comes with 18 years of environmental and ecological consulting experience.

  • Erik Bjornstad, PLS
    Erik Bjornstad, PLS Professional Land Surveyor, Gunnison

    Since joining SGM in 2006, Erik, a professional land surveyor, has worked on a wide variety of survey projects. He is knowledgeable of surveying techniques, equipment and procedures.

  • Erin Loughlin, PE
    Erin Loughlin, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Erin joined SGM’s Wastewater Team in 2016. Erin graduated from Cornell University with a degree in BS in Environmental Engineering.

  • Forrest Daniels
    Forrest Daniels CADD / GIS, Grand Junction

    Forrest joined SGM’s GIS Team located out of SGM’s Grand Junction office in 2018.

  • Fox Benton, LSI
    Fox Benton, LSI Survey Team, Glenwood Springs

    Fox is a licensed Land Surveying Intern and knowledgeable of surveying techniques, equipment, and procedures. Fox re-joined SGM in 2015 as a Field Surveyor.

  • Frances Blackwelder
    Frances Blackwelder CADD / GIS, Grand Junction

    Frances joined SGM in 2012, with 25 years of public and private sector civil design experience. Her CAD skills are only rivaled by her baking expertise.

  • Gordon Fiedler
    Gordon Fiedler CADD Technician, Durango

    Gordon joined SGM’s CAD Team in our Durango office in 2019.

  • Helen Srubjan
    Helen Srubjan Survey Team, Glenwood Springs

    Helen joined SGM in 2018 with over 30 years of surveying and drafting experience. She is a senior survey technician and is located out of our Glenwood Springs office.

  • Ignacio Barrantes, PE
    Ignacio Barrantes, PE Engineer, Salida

    Ignacio, a Colorado Licensed Professional Engineer, joined SGM’s MEP Team in 2016. Ignacio received his BS of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Costa Rica, San Jose.

  • Jack Ehlers
    Jack Ehlers Survey Team, Glenwood Springs

    Jack brings a degree in CADD Drafting and Process Technology to SGM’s Surveying Team.  Jack joined SGM in 2017 as a Field Surveyor.

  • Jake Livermore, PE
    Jake Livermore, PE Engineer III, Glenwood Springs

    Jake joined SGM’s Field Engineering Team in the Glenwood Springs office in 2019.

  • Jenna Svoboda, PE
    Jenna Svoboda, PE Engineer, Gunnison

    Jenna joined SGM’s Civil Services Team in 2017. She completed her Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder in 2013.

  • Jevon Poston, PE
    Jevon Poston, PE Senior Engineer II, Glenwood Springs

    Jevon joined SGM’s Civil Team in the Glenwood Springs office in 2020. He comes to SGM with over 14 years of experience.

  • John Partch, PE
    John Partch, PE Senior Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    John joined SGM in 2012. He has 20 years of structural engineering experience including design and construction of custom residential/commercial buildings.

  • Jordan Kehoe, PE
    Jordan Kehoe, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Jordan joined SGM’s Civil Services Team in 2018 in the Glenwood Springs office.

  • Josh Wilson, PLS
    Josh Wilson, PLS Land Surveyor, Glenwood Springs

    Josh rejoined SGM’s Survey Team in 2019. He comes to us with 21 years of survey experience.

  • Juan ‘Lalo’ Clemente
    Juan ‘Lalo’ Clemente Construction Technician I, Glenwood Springs

    Lalo joined SGM’s Field Engineering Team in 2020.  He comes to SGM with a BS in Civil Engineering Technology with a concentration in construction.

  • Justin Kattnig, PE
    Justin Kattnig, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Justin joined SGM in 2014. He serves the water and wastewater teams as a civil design engineer. In his spare time he is a cellist.

  • Karl Schoenbrunn
    Karl Schoenbrunn Project Manager, Glenwood Springs

    Karl joined SGM’s Civil Services Team in 2019. He comes to us with over 14 years of experience.

  • Katie Radavich, PE
    Katie Radavich, PE Engineer, Grand Junction

    Katie joined SGM in 2018 and joins our Grand Junction office. She’s a recent graduated with a Masters in Hydrologic Science and Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.


  • Kristyn Hartmann, PE
    Kristyn Hartmann, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Kristyn joined SGM’s Structural Team in the Glenwood Springs office in 2018 with five years of structural experience. Some of her projects include high-end residential, resorts, mid-rise multi-family residential, commercial, and light industrial.

  • Mark Frymoyer, PE, SE
    Mark Frymoyer, PE, SE Civil Structures Team Leader, Glenwood Springs

    Mark joined SGM’s Structural Team in 2017. He comes to SGM with over a decade of experience.

  • Mary Winkley
    Mary Winkley Survey Technician, Durango

    Mary is a seasoned CAD technician with 20 years of experience, specializing in civil, survey, and environmental projects.

  • Matt Hutson
    Matt Hutson Project Manager, Salida

    Matt initially joined SGM in 1990, and has worked in more SGM offices than anyone else.  Matt has served in a variety of capacities on SGM civil projects.

  • Max Essenburg
    Max Essenburg Engineer I, Glenwood Springs

    Max, rejoined SGM’s Civil Team in 2020, after having been here completing an internship for the last two years. He recently graduated from Colorado State University.

  • Mike Suhrbier, CEM Project Manager, Glenwood Springs

    Mike covers commercial energy audits, residential energy analysis projects, and commercial re-commissioning projects. He joined SGM in 2011.

  • Mindy Nastal, PE
    Mindy Nastal, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Mindy has worked for SGM since 2003. She provides architectural and building engineering design for residential, commercial and municipal projects.

  • Nick Treankler
    Nick Treankler GIS / CAD Specialist, Grand Junction

    Nick joined SGM’s GIS Team in the summer of 2015 as an intern, and now is with us full-time.

  • Rachel Kattnig
    Rachel Kattnig GIS Technician, Glenwood Springs

    Rachel provides custom mapping, Trimble GPS training, and GIS support services for SGM’s GIS team. Rachel joined SGM in 2015.

  • Richard ‘RC’ Saindon, PE
    Richard ‘RC’ Saindon, PE Lead Field Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Richard “RC” joined the Civil Services Team in 2017. RC serves as the lead field engineer and manages the Field Engineering Team. He specializes in drainage, grading, water/wastewater, and roadway improvements.

  • Richard Harrison, PLS
    Richard Harrison, PLS Land Surveyor, Glenwood Springs

    With over 15 years of experience, Rich has a strong knowledge of surveying techniques, tools, equipment and procedures. Rich joined SGM in 2015.

  • Rick Barth, PE
    Rick Barth, PE Senior Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Rick re-joined SGM’s Civil Services Sector in 2018. He has over 20 years of engineering experience in the private and public sectors.

  • Ron Nies, PE
    Ron Nies, PE Senior Engineer, Salida

    Ron joined SGM’s Transportation Team in 2017. He has 27 years of experience in transportation and interchange design.

  • Russell McCloud, PE (FL)
    Russell McCloud, PE (FL) Engineer III, Grand Junction

    Russell joined SGM’s Structural Team in the Grand Junction office in 2020. He comes to SGM with a Masters of Structural Engineering.

  • Ryan Brooks
    Ryan Brooks Survey Technician, Durango

    Ryan joined SGM’s Survey Team in the Durango office in 2020. He comes to us with over 5 years of experience.

  • Ryan Gordon, PE
    Ryan Gordon, PE Senior Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Ryan joined SGM’s Municipal Team in 2016. He has over 15 years of experience providing wastewater master planning and design services for municipal and industrial clients.

  • Scot Knutson, PE
    Scot Knutson, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Scot Joined SGM’s Civil Team with over six years of agriculture and irrigation infrastructure experience. He joined SGM in 2017.

  • Scott Forrester, PE
    Scott Forrester, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Scott joined SGM’s Municipal Team in the Glenwood Springs office in 2018. He comes to SGM with five years of consulting experience predominately in water/wastewater. Scott had a MS in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.

  • Scott Hemmen, PLS
    Scott Hemmen, PLS Professional Land Surveyor, Glenwood Springs

    Scott re-joined SGM in 2016. He has 18 years of survey experience.

  • Scott Patterson
    Scott Patterson Construction Technician II, Grand Junction

    Scott comes to SGM’s Field Engineering Team with over 20 years of experience in materials testing, highway inspector, and site manager for CDOT.

  • Shannon Kaminsky
    Shannon Kaminsky CADD / GIS, Gunnison

    Shannon joined SGM in 2014 with 23 years of experience. Shannon’s passion is civil drafting, but she also is experienced in mechanical and electrical drafting.

  • Sierra Trout
    Sierra Trout Engineer I, Durango

    Sierra joined SGM’s Durango Civil Team in 2020.

  • Steven Kirk
    Steven Kirk GIS Team Leader, Grand Junction

    Steve has experience working in the government and private sectors supporting their GIS needs since 2000. He joined SGM in 2013.

  • Terry Bendetti, PE
    Terry Bendetti, PE Design Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Terry has been with SGM since 2004 and in the civil engineering industry for 20+ years as a CAD draftsman and designer.

  • Tim Barnett, PLS
    Tim Barnett, PLS Professional Land Surveyor, Durango

    Tim joined SGM in 2013 with 10 + years of experience surveying. He has a strong knowledge of surveying techniques, tools, equipment and procedures. He is also a licensed drone pilot.

  • Tony Haschke, PE, CEM, CBCP, CLEP
    Tony Haschke, PE, CEM, CBCP, CLEP Senior Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Tony has over 31 years of experience designing commercial and residential mechanical systems, and leads SGM’s Commissioning team. He joined SGM in 2007.

  • Tyler Harpel, PE
    Tyler Harpel, PE Engineer, Gunnison

    Tyler, a civil engineer specializing in hydrology, drainage, water, sanitary sewer and environmental engineering, has worked for SGM since 2005.

  • Tyson Sillery
    Tyson Sillery CAD Designer, Glenwood Springs

    Tyson joined SGM in 2016. Tyson has a degree in CAD Technology and brings over 16 years of experience CAD and Civil Design to SGM clients.

  • Wiley Button
    Wiley Button Field Engineer, Glenwood Springs

    Wiley is a member of SGM’s Field Engineering Team. He comes to SGM with construction superintendent experience.

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