• Keely Camilletti
    Keely Camilletti Accounting, Glenwood Springs
  • Patty Gilabert
    Patty Gilabert Accounting, Glenwood Springs
  • Troy Feese
    Troy Feese CFO, Office Services Sector Leader, Glenwood Springs

Administrative Support

  • Allyson Witham
    Allyson Witham Administrative Assistant, Grand Junction
  • Brigitte Holiday
    Brigitte Holiday Administrative Assistant, Durango
  • Joan
    Joan Administrative Assistant, Glenwood Springs
  • Kathie Lucas
    Kathie Lucas Administrative Assistant, Gunnison
  • Natalia Arnold
    Natalia Arnold Administrative Team Leader, Glenwood Springs

Chief Operating Officer

  • Matt Webster
    Matt Webster Chief Operating Officer, Glenwood Springs

Human Resources

  • Kelly Cipponeri
    Kelly Cipponeri Human Resources Manager, Glenwood Springs

Information Technology

  • Kevin Goscha
    Kevin Goscha IT Manager, Glenwood Springs
  • Rob Starling
    Rob Starling IT Technician, Glenwood Springs


  • Angie Boyer
    Angie Boyer Marketing Coordinator, Glenwood Springs
  • Jenn Flentge
    Jenn Flentge Marketing Director, Glenwood Springs
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