Civil Services

SGM’s Civil Services Team coordinates and provides full-service capabilities to residential, commercial and industrial projects. These services include all stages of development ranging from conceptual planning, due diligence, survey, engineering design, structural design, land use entitlement process, permitting, construction administration to operations, in some cases. Sample projects include residential subdivisions, commercial developments, industrial parks, golf courses, ski resorts (on mountain and base areas) and re-development.

Meet the Civil Services Team

For more information about our Civil Services, please contact Dan Cokley by email or phone at 970.384.9009.

  • Ashley Cline, PE
    Ashley Cline, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Bart D’Agostino
    Bart D’Agostino CADD / GIS, Glenwood Springs
  • Bob Brandeberry, PLS
    Bob Brandeberry, PLS Survey Sector Leader, Glenwood Springs
  • Dan Cokley, PE, PTOE
    Dan Cokley, PE, PTOE Principal Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Dave Kotz, PE, CFM
    Dave Kotz, PE, CFM Senior Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Diana Rooney, PE
    Diana Rooney, PE Engineer, Grand Junction
  • Eric Krch, PE, CFM
    Eric Krch, PE, CFM Senior Engineer, Grand Junction
  • Forrest Daniels
    Forrest Daniels CADD / GIS, Grand Junction
  • Frances Blackwelder
    Frances Blackwelder CADD / GIS, Grand Junction
  • Jason Reimer, PE
    Jason Reimer, PE Engineer, Durango
  • Jay Hammond, PE
    Jay Hammond, PE Principal, Glenwood Springs
  • Jeff Simonson, PE, CFM
    Jeff Simonson, PE, CFM Civil Services Sector Leader, Glenwood Springs
  • Jenna Svoboda, PE
    Jenna Svoboda, PE Engineer, Gunnison
  • Jordan Kehoe
    Jordan Kehoe Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Katie Radavich, EI, CFM
    Katie Radavich, EI, CFM Engineer, Grand Junction
  • Matt Hutson
    Matt Hutson Project Manager, Salida
  • Max Essenburg
    Max Essenburg Engineer I, Glenwood Springs
  • Richard ‘RC’ Saindon, PE
    Richard ‘RC’ Saindon, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Rick Barth, PE
    Rick Barth, PE Senior Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Scot Knutson, PE
    Scot Knutson, PE Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Shannon Kaminsky
    Shannon Kaminsky CADD / GIS, Gunnison
  • Terry Bendetti, PE
    Terry Bendetti, PE Design Engineer, Glenwood Springs
  • Tyson Sillery
    Tyson Sillery CAD Designer, Glenwood Springs
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