Grand Junction, Colorado

The Grand Junction Office of SGM was established in March of 2008 in order to better serve long term clients and grow our business by offering engineering and surveying services to the burgeoning development industry. In addition to drawing on the expertise of the SGM organization, the Grand Junction office offers the following specific services:

  • Foundation and wall design
  • Underpinning design
  • Utility design
  • Land platting and development
  • Capital improvement funding analysis and grants writing

Community activities we are engaged in include:

  • Chamber of Commerce – Governmental Affairs
  • Club 20 – Energy, Government and Water
  • City of Grand Junction – Housing issues and master planning


259 Grand Avenue, Suite 200
Grand Junction, CO 81501


Meet the Grand Junction Team

For more information about engineering and surveying services available through our Grand Junction office, please contact John Boulden by email or phone at 970.245.2571.

  • Alex Nees, MS
    Alex Nees, MS Senior Consultant, Grand Junction
  • Allyson Witham
    Allyson Witham Administrative Assistant, Grand Junction
  • Diana Rooney, PE
    Diana Rooney, PE Engineer, Grand Junction
  • Eric Krch, PE, CFM
    Eric Krch, PE, CFM Senior Engineer, Grand Junction
  • Evan Zeck
    Evan Zeck Structural Team, Grand Junction
  • Forrest Daniels
    Forrest Daniels CADD / GIS, Grand Junction
  • Frances Blackwelder
    Frances Blackwelder CADD / GIS, Grand Junction
  • John Boulden, PE
    John Boulden, PE Senior Engineer, Grand Junction
  • Katie Radavich, PE
    Katie Radavich, PE Engineer, Grand Junction
  • Russell McCloud, PE (FL)
    Russell McCloud, PE (FL) Engineer III, Grand Junction
  • Steven Kirk
    Steven Kirk GIS Team Leader, Grand Junction
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